San Gerónimo House

San Gerónimo is a work I did this as a freelance in Mexico. I didn´t see it finished because I moved to Sweden, but my friend Nora sent me some nice photos she took. My family wanted to build an apartment they could rent to a couple … probably to have some company 😉 This is the house before renovation.


I wanted to re-discover the façade of the house and use its existing structure; the vegetation had a severe plague and had to be removed in order to plant again. The house is located on a hill that enhances panoramic views towards the city.BocetosWhat I liked the most of this experience is not the final result, but the process of dealing with so many persons at a time. Sometimes it was like being in the middle of a storm, but most of the time was a joyful and rewarding happening. It was nice to hear “ahí viene el arqui!” 🙂


Now that I see the project finished I would have made some changes here and there, and lets do not talk about the not so ecological friendly materials we used. Eventhough I tried to use passive design I didn´t know anything about earth by then …


001_Recinto Volcanicob



Rath House and Mud Skyscrapers

Many times people ask me how high can you build with earth. Well, for instance, one can take a look at the 1000 year old earth-built skyscrapers in Yemen  Now, I have not been in Yemen yet, but last year, my friend Shea and I went on a trip in search for the tallest earth building in Germany: the Rath House. It was built around the year 1850 with rammed earth (compressed soil into a formwork), the house is 6 floors height and it is a combination of loadbearing earthen walls and timber structure.

By the way, if you see a tiny man in the left corner of the picture, that, my friends … is Shea Hagy.



The rammed earth house (part 1)

The rammed earth house (part 1)

My folks have a small property in the south of Mexico (close to paradise), where they plan to build a house. Their dream is to have a space where they could happily spend their time as a retired couple. I am happy to be part of that dream, and what a better way to do it than with rammed earth! 🙂 Follow the story of this old couple, a crazy architect and a rammed earth villa.