Fujian Toulou

In July I traveled to China to participate in Solar Decathlon China, as project manager for Team Sweden (www.halosweden.com). After the competition ended, we placed third, I was on a mission to see first hand the Fujian toulou. A few weeks some long train and bus rides and I was there. The area I visited has over 500 of these earthen structures some dating back to the 14th century, most have been rebuilt within the last hundred years do to political turmoil and fire. It was amazing to finally see these buildings with their thick exterior rammed earth walls and intricate cantelivered interior wooden structures. The small private rooms look onto large shared open courtyards with surrounded shared traditional kitchen spaces.













The rammed earth house (part 1)

The rammed earth house (part 1)

My folks have a small property in the south of Mexico (close to paradise), where they plan to build a house. Their dream is to have a space where they could happily spend their time as a retired couple. I am happy to be part of that dream, and what a better way to do it than with rammed earth! 🙂 Follow the story of this old couple, a crazy architect and a rammed earth villa.


Rammed coffee

Sweden is ranked number four in coffee consumption around the world. Coffee grounds are re-used in compost or many other ways, can we find a new way to re-use coffee waste? I received two buckets of coffee grounds from Casa Progreso, the idea was to mix coffee and clay, and ram it to see the results. It was very interesting to see the possibilities of this combination; but, since coffee is an organic material it can mould. Maybe a different way of drying the rammed coffee would help?

2013-06-11 11.53.08

2013-05-12 19.22.42