Simmenäs rammed earth project and workshop

Right outside of Alingsås, in Simmenäs, Daniel and Karolina are building their straw bale house. Me and fellow Earth Lab members, Shea and David, take care of the design for a rammed earth wall which will be built in the center of the house. The wall of rammed earth will serve as a heat storage and a buffer for heat changes.

Building a rammed earth wall indoors is convenient as the issue of weather protection is already solved. The design challenges include connecting it with existing walls of straw bale and to a ceiling. The connection to the stove deserves aesthetical as well as structural consideration as that is the heart of the energy efficient building.

There will be a course held in relation to this project where you can come to learn and practise rammed earth building with us. The course takes place during the weekend 7-8 of march. Follow this link to sign up.

Daniel and Karolina have a blog (in Swedish) about the building of the house:


Detail model (1:5). Studying the connection of rammed earth wall to existing structure.

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