Rammed Earth Sample – Video

Hej igen! EarthLab finally found some clay near Chalmers, so we filled up some buckets and started with the process of ramming earth! The soil is not modified from its natural condition in this example. There are many ways of doing these tests, better ways for sure; but this is for EarthLab a good opportunity to have fun and understand the material. What we used is a carton board as a mould, the first times Shea almost broke the mould because of the force when ramming, in the future we will experiment with ABS pipes or stronger materials. So here is a short video of the process, hope you enjoy it and leave some comments!



“Globally, the only substance people use more of than concrete, in total volume, is water.”

Concrete has been used for a very long time and has in many ways proven to be one of our most useful and durable building materials. The problem is that concrete requires a lot of energy to produce, resulting in a so called “high embodied energy”. By replacing concrete with local, natural materials where possible, we can both lower our ecological footprint and create a closer connection between building and site.

“Concrete isn’t evil; it’s just abused”