Rammed earth heart-wall

Location: Alingsås, Sweden.
Proyect year: 2021

When you enter the house you see an ten meter long wall punctuated by three door openings, leading to the bedrooms behind. The wall faces a large bay window to the south, capturing the suns rays during the day and releasing the heat at night, due to the good thermal capacity of rammed earth. Walking from the front door towards the green house on the west side the wall dips away into a slight concave alcove, the curve matches precisely the shape of the wood furnace which provides heat to the under floor hydronic heating system.

earthLAB collaborated with Daniel Bävernäs and Karolina Kegel to design and build the rammed earth wall at Simmenäs, Alingsås, where Daniel and Karolina are building their straw bale house. Daniel and Karolina have a blog (in Swedish) about the building of the house: